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The word evokes visions of brass warmed by gorgeous patina, well-worn chairs and lasting quality.  Though there may not be a hard and fast definition to what is and what is not, the romantic in me sings it’s delight when considering objects with an aura of history – that have stood the test of time, or have reinvented themselves, and that add warmth and life to a space full of sparkling, spanking new.  I had a glamorous great-aunt who’s life, jewelry, and furnishings whispered in hushed tones about things I will never have the thrill of experiencing.  Those whispers fill my senses and make each piece feel rich with history.

And with the surge of media celebrating times past, we are seeing more and more interest in furniture and accessories from unexpectedly mixed eras.  From Mad Men and Pan Am to the Tudors, and everything in between, eclectic furnishings are in demand.  Go ahead and jump in with a special piece that whispers to you… These are a few of my current obsessions.

What do you think?  A flame-stitched mid-century chair, perfect with a martini after work? Yes, please!  These vintage bar glasses? Fabulous. They offer a nod to a time when cocktails were glamorous.  And when did boring become the norm, anyway?  Why shouldn’t every day feel just a little special?  I want these to be my everyday water, cocktail and everything else glasses.  And then there are all the vintage smoking accessories…  Now, I know nobody smokes in their houses anymore (thank God!), but vintage ashtrays and matchstick holders are so gorgeous that they scream for a second life.  I love to use them for jewelry and desk accessories.  They have such sexy sculptural appeal.  What are your favorite vintage finds?  Check out the slide show for a taste of the vintage beauties currently living at Slate, or, come in and try on a past life… Whatever whispers its secrets in your ear.

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News Flash:  November is racing toward a close. Black Friday creeps ever closer…but this year, let’s enjoy it!  Lets shop for inspiration, buy enduring memories, and wrap up magic moments.

Gorgeous Vintage Jewelry. $95-$150

If you are following this blog, I hope you have been to Slate before.  If not, let me introduce you to a place that feels like a new love, an old friend, the comfort of family all tied in a bow.  Slate Interiors is more than unique furniture, sparkling mirrors, enchanting lighting and one-of-a-kind accessories.  We’re like your best friend’s family (you know, the one you secretly wanted to trade yours for?) …  stylish, laid back and a little quirky, but warm and fun and willing to bend over backwards for you.

Orange Alligator Embossed Note cards. $12

And with November bearing down without mercy, we’ve been hard at work with our artists and merchants to bring you exciting, affordable options to inspire your holiday giving.  Who wouldn’t love a piece of original art from a local artist that we can tell you all about?  Or perhaps a hand-blown glass vase that picks up the exact hue of the new throw pillows your mom got at Slate and can’t stop talking about.   Or a unique, statement-making vintage necklace for that sophisticated woman who has everything…

Or for an exquisitely personalized gift, come check out the featured art by the divine Ms. Jennifer Levine, a brilliant and best-selling local artist with stylistically varied and always intriguing pieces. (See our previous posts for more info about her.) This month we’ll be featuring custom-made silhouette art, available before the holidays.  That means you can have your daughter’s sweet profile (or your husbands motorcycle!) produced to your specifications in time to gift it to Grandma and Grandpa, or surprise mom with the most thoughtful memento she’ll never forget.  They look beautiful alone and spectacular in groups. What’s that you say? You’ve been wondering what to put over the sofa for ages? You have three kids?  Ta Da!  Stunning, personal, and timeless memories as art.  Perfect.

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