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He’s been your hero, your rock, the voice in your head, comic relief.  Your dearest friend, your dear old dad.  And for all these things (and so many more!) our desire on Father’s Day is to reflect even the tiniest glimmer of the love, admiration and respect we feel for the old man.  Unfortunately, it usually goes something like this:

“Dad, I love you so much that I have combed the world over to find you the perfect… new tie?”   Wowee.  Now, that’s love…  Really, if that’s all you got, don’t even bother.  Nobody wants another tie.  I don’t think I’m wrong about this.  For the love of  God, get some  inspiration!  Try just a modicum of thoughtfulness.  Really, it’s the least you can do.

Ok, so what does dear old dad like to do?  What would he do if he had the time?  What makes him smile and laugh for days?  Think.  How about a momento?  Something that will remind him of great times you have shared, dreams in the making or an inside joke he can’t live down.  Or something just really cool.  Or really anything at all besides another tie.  Really.

(By the way, I was testing this hypothosis with a dad I know around here (we refer to him as “Papa Color”, but that’s a whole other story…), and he agreed.  “No, not a tie.  Nothing practical.  Get me something I would never get for myself.”  So there it is.)  Here are a few unique and super cool gift ideas to get you started.  You’re welcome, dads.


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The Fiesty Side of Charlotte's History...exclusively at Slate!

So maybe you weren’t born in Charlotte.  (Who was?)  Or perhaps you are that elusive native I keep hearing of.  Nevertheless, Charlotte is your home, your center, your family, and your resting place.  You are a Charlottean at heart.  When people visit, they find it alluring.  Charlotte has a rich history, and it is palpable.

That is why Shannon Schultz, a Charlotte-based designer and merchant with us here at Slate, has been hard at work researching, designing and fabricating these Charlotte Heritage shirts, which are 100% locally made.  And we mean local.   From the shirts themselves to the screen printing, abvDESIGNS debuts The Original Charlotte Heritage Tee, produced in your beloved Queen City. 

The Original Charlotte Heritage Tee

Ages before the QC was “The QC”, it was nicknamed “The Hornet’s Nest.”  A little history lesson reveals that when, during the Revolutionary War, British General Cornwallis occupied the city of Charlotte, he was driven out by hostile residents, prompting him to write that it was “a hornet’s nest of rebellion,” leading to the nickname The Hornet’s Nest.  (Now why does that sound familiar???)  Charlotte has been important in our country’s political past, and with the Democratic National Convention coming to town, it just might be time we looked back, remembered, (or learned about it!) and were proud.

Available exclusively at Slate Interiors, these Tee’s sell for only $24!  Welcome to The Hornet’s Nest!!!

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So you are almost done with your shopping.  You have gotten just about everyone something, at least.  But you don’t feel done.  There is a nagging feeling that you copped out on getting something for everyone that will actually bring  joy.  Yeah, grandma said she could use some new towels, but no matter how pretty the wrapping, there is no excitement in either the giving or receiving.  Unfortunately, you have no better ideas this year.  You are too busy to worry about it.  You just want to be done.  Going through the motions at Christmas.  Makes you feel all warm and fuzzy, doesn’t it?

While the time is drawing near, the gifts don’t have to feel impersonal or last-minute.  Don’t waste your time and what is left of your sanity trying to find the perfect unique, or sentimental gift at 100 chain stores at the mall.  I have a proposal.  Stop by Slate on your lunch break.  Eat one (or a dozen) of our delicious cheese biscuits, and let us wrap up the end of your shopping worries for you with any of these special gift ideas for less than $100.
And, with gifts under $25, you’ll also find plenty of unique options for the hostesses of all the tacky sweater or glittery Christmas parties you have in the next two weeks, not to mention those perfect “Emergency Gifts” for the person who was thinking about you while you were busy shopping for the ugliest sweater you could find…  We’ll see you soon.  It’ll be fun.  We promise.

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