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“Dogs have no pretense, just an innate desire to please, and a lack of self-awareness that makes them beautiful.”

Five Buck Chuck 22x28 Oil on Canvas

For all of you dog lovers, we have a special treat in the works for you. We’ve all seen dog portraits, good and bad, and loved or hated them, but this is something else altogether.  We’re honored to introduce you to Heather LaHaise, a fine artist whose work has been featured in the New York Post, The State Newspaper, Modern Dog, and HGTV as well as several other publications and notable blogs such as Dog Art Today and Design Milk.  Heather treats dog as muse, evoking dignity in “the underdog,” often capturing the essence of rescue pups, senior dogs and strays in ways that elevate puppy love into high-fashion amor.

When you cast your eyes on her dogs, you instinctively feel the spirit of the animal; the sweet-tempered loyalty, the high-spirited adoration, or the curious adventurer.   Not only that, but the dogs feel like part of something bigger.  Something insatiably swank, haute couture, impressing upon you a love of urban landscapes and gorgeous textures.  This is fine art, darlings.  You have never seen anything like it.

She balances abstractionism with realism in her portraits with graphic use of space and expressive layering of paint.  Planes of uneven color, gestural marks and calculated drips mark her style, often with dogs as the focus of the finished piece.   And, while the dogs may give her a voice, she strives to transcend the singular category of “dog art” and continues to work toward contemporary ideas, including a collection of abstract works, collectively showing at Slate beginning March 1st.

So come in this Friday, March 2nd, enjoy our later hours with a beer or glass of prosecco, and organic delights provided by Thomas Martin Catering.  And don’t forget to bring Fido, Fluffy or Butch.  We love your pups.  And as always, treats provided for them too!

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A gorgeous table full of delicious accoutrements


Parker Kennedy Living.  The response has been incredible.  People  have  actually rescheduled work trips to be here when they bring in new inventory!  Who are these design geniuses, you ask?  Let me introduce you to them, dear friends.  Meet founders and business partners David Ecton and Lance Jackson of Parker Kennedy Living – they will change your life… or, perhaps just your living room, but either way, you’ll be in true love in no time.



Only developed as recently as early 2011, Parker Kennedy Living has gone full force with their own design group, an Atlanta store front, furniture product development, as well as being permanent antique dealers at Atlanta’s famous Scott’s Antique Market.  Their company has been wildly successful, and we are thrilled to welcome them to the Slate family. 

Self-described as “preppy on the edge,”  they strive for a modern approach to traditional design. Finding those unique items that have a story, and seeing their clients fall in love is what it is all about for them, and their pieces have been selling almost before they can be merchandised.  (We even had a not-altogether-undisguised little war between a couple of Charlotte’s best designers  over a set of 4 vintage lucite chairs that sold the first day they moved in !)

Head over heels for this book. Literally!


 While Lance has been a professional designer for over 15 years, sits on the Atlanta Advisory Board Council of the Savannah College of Art and Design, and is involved with IIDA and NEWH Atlanta, David holds an MBA in International Trade, and together this team is making heads turn with their design aesthetic: fresh, clean, classic lines, transitional and fun… preppy on the edge!


Come in and check them out.  You’ll fall head over Louboutins too.

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Flowers that won't die, Marble heart paperweight, and Delicious candles... Just a taste of the gift ideas we have up our sleeves.

“It has been said that we need just three things in life:  Something to do, Something to look forward to, and someone to love.”  Well, you’re on your own finding the object of your affection, but once you have that under your belt, we recommend keeping said wonder-boy (or girl).  Hmmm… how to do this…..

Flowers? Cliche.  Lasting? Hardly.  Here’s a secret.  Flowers are always sweet, but really only make an impact when they are unexpected.  Let’s get motivated, lovers!  Think outside the box.  We’re here for you.  In that spirit…

Always keep them wanting more.  This is sage advice.  Everyone wants something to look forward to.  And it feels so good to be a thoughtful sweetie-pie!  Shower them with periodic and unexpected gifts and gestures.  Valentine’s Day is nice, and I recommend celebrating with flair.  Skip the common, the expected, the flowers and dinner.  How about something as one-of-a-kind as he is? Something she’ll see everyday that’ll take her back to that moment?  Or, for even greater impact, the weekend after Valentine’s Day is a great opportunity to surprise your love-bug with a teensie memento of your amore.  We are abloom with original art, unique gifts, sexy scented candles, pretty/statement jewelry and plenty of ideas for creating memorable moments.

Whether you are a traditionalist, sticking to the hallmark holiday, or prefer to celebrate anything but, we are once again here to make it easy to be thoughtful and romantic.  Come by for ideas, inspiration, gifts, and, (we know you might need it!) help.

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